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Thread: Couple Claiming Thread Version 3.0!

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    rose: okay then...

    old couple: KasumixRyu Hayabusa from Dead or Alive
    new couple: RikuxSora from Kingdom Hearts

    RikuxSora fan for life!!
    credit to pgsmfan's station for the image[/SIZE]

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    Alright. I've been thinking about restarting this for some time now, and, well, I've decided that I will. The list is just confusing me, and I'm getting too many claims messed up. Kiori said it was okay btw.

    - DO NOT PM me asking for Pokeshipping, Contestshipping, Advanceshipping, or Orangeshipping. I'm PMing the owners of those couples first to verify that they want to keep them. Why? Because I don't want a whole bunch of people PMing or spamming up the new thread with complaints. Plus, it's easier for me, and for everyone else.

    - If you'd like to keep your current couples, PM me! Do not post here. Thanks. ^^

    Also, please don't claim in advance. :/ Unless you absolutely have to and the couple must be yours, you can PM me.

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