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Thread: three questions about pokemon romance.

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    samjaz Guest

    Question three questions about pokemon romance.

    1) in what episode did ash kiss misty?
    2) in what episode did ash kiss may?
    3) apart from latias, has anyone else snogged ash?

    I am not asking these questions for questionable reasons, I am merely trying to create a new series of pokemon for my new game, and I need some facts.
    thank you.

    P.S., I am really making my own pokemon game! if someone told me how to upload images from my computer to here I could show you.

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    1 & 2: Episode 0 (In other word, he never did.)
    3: Snog? If you mean kiss then Melody from the second movie.

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    Those avatar pics were created in photoshop.

    They are fake and no offence, but its pretty obvious that they are fake.
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    1) Read the damn FAQs. It's stickied for a reason.
    2) Read 1.
    3) Snog means to bone, bonk, have sex with. If you were thinking of kiss, no one.

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