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    How to make a SPRITE COMIC - by Davis PKMN Master

    Alright, I owed someone some tips to make a comic so I’ll teach you to make something like Teh one Interveiws!
    Right first we’ll need a background. We’ll start by making a panel!
    Alright here’s a basic panel!

    kay now to get a background!
    You can make your own but we’ll use this one!

    Now the background is bigger than the panel so let’s put the panel on the background!

    right now erase over the edge over the background. So it looks like this!

    now we need sprites!
    We’ll use ToK……and Random!
    Now look though the sprite sheets and find the poses that you want!

    now drag one sprite there! Make sure the transparency button is on!

    Now, white spaces will show through….use this colour instead of the white!

    Right! Now let’s make speech bubbles!
    Now when you type the message, your given a number of choices on how to your characters talk.
    1. Avatar

    These are good for pokemon overworld comics.
    2. Tailed speech bubbles!

    Color it in with the color mentioned above.
    Letters like Q,q,e,R,o,O,p,P,a,A,D,d,g,b,B,4,6,8,9,and 0 have to be filled in too!
    And 3. Coloured speech bubbles!

    See 2 and make the colors resemble the character.
    Right! There’s how to make a panel!
    Do it a couple of more times and you have your comic!
    Remember this is only a guide. Everyone does their comics different!
    Alright, remember not to steal other people’s jokes. Make your own!
    Spelling and Grammar never hurt either!
    And try to cut down on the n00b talk and abbreviations!
    ToK and the Backround are MINE! PM me if you want to use them!
    and Random is Vaati's! The pannel and color you can use though!
    Peace out!
    Comic Making Guide - by The Noise :
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