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Thread: My ninja team needs help(netbattle)

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    Default My ninja team needs help(netbattle)

    I need help with my team....

    Qwilfish a.k.a. Spikeball
    @ Lefties
    Ev's: HP 184/Att 106/Speed 220
    -Destiny Bond

    Weezing a.k.a. Smokebom
    @ LEfties
    Ev's: HP 196/Att 32/Def 252/ SpA 28
    -Sludge bomb

    Venusaur a.k.a. poison Root
    @ Lefies
    Ev's: HP 252/Speed 200/SpD 56
    -Sleep Powder
    -Leech seed
    -Sludge bomb

    Pidgeot a.k.a. skyspy
    Ev's: HP 100/Att 220/Def 88/SpD 102

    Starmie a.k.a. Shuriken
    @ Lefties
    Ev's: HP 42/Speed 216/SpA 252

    Crobat a.k.a. Ninja Wing
    @ Choice Band
    Ev's: HP 6/Att 252/Speed 252
    -Areal Ace
    -HP Ground
    -Sludge bomb

    Suggestions? U can also suggest another pkmn, thanks in advance

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    Ditch pidgeot if you want to win battles.

    Starmie needs rapid spin>TB or IB and quilfish needs swords dance and sludge bomb>substitute and destiny bond.

    And why HP ground on crobat ._.; For maggie to switch in/electrics? Yeah right.
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