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    They allow them in the regular fanfiction section, so I can't see why poems aren't used much here. I have three. Flamers will be ignored/hated/insulted mentally/reported, depends on my mood.

    Rated: U

    Always and Never
    Verse 1
    I've always been the fool,
    Always trying to be cool,
    Never once did I realise,
    What you meant to me.
    I must've been too thick,
    I must've made you sick,
    For not once really seeing your beauty.

    Verse 2
    We were always together,
    Neither nature nor weather,
    Ever stood a chance,
    At parting us forever.
    Now you have left my life,
    After facing all this strife,
    Will we ever again be together?

    Verse 3
    Now I face the harshity,
    That may well be eternity,
    That I must now turn around,
    Abd restart my quest anew.
    It pains me to realise,
    I may well never look in your eyes,
    And say that I will always love you.


    Every moment
    Of every day
    You were always there
    There to stay
    But now I see
    That I was wrong
    You've been gone
    For far too long.

    I wish I could go back
    Way back to when
    We were always together
    I was so happy then
    But I guess I must wait
    For you to come back
    The skill to restart
    Is what I lack.

    Now I must face
    The harsh reality
    That you could be gone
    For all eternity
    I know now
    What I must do
    Next time you're back
    I will admit this to you

    That you're all that I need
    Now and forever
    All I want now
    Is to be back together
    That forever more
    Despite all that I do
    The one thing I know
    Is that I love you.

    Spending your life
    Chasing a dream
    Isn't as good
    As it should seem.
    I did that for years
    But I found a friend
    A friend I want
    To be with till the end

    But now my dream
    Has been reached
    But my heart
    Has been breached
    My friend's hope
    Their pure smile
    Will be with me
    For a long while

    I guess I should've said
    Before my dream came true
    That my dream had changed
    Like my feelings for you
    I no longer want a friend
    Or for my dream to come true
    All I want is to say
    is I love you.

    But now it's too late
    My old dream is done
    There's no turning back
    I guess I won
    But without you
    I don't know what to do
    Victory feels like defeat
    When it's not with you.

    My dream has now changed
    It is fresh in my mind
    Next chance I get
    It's you I will find
    Not another goal
    That's not what I long
    My feelings for you
    Are burning so strong.

    It's driving me crazy
    Waiting for you
    Are you gone forever?
    It can't be true
    I don't want to look back
    And only remember your face
    Beside you forever
    Is my one true place

    Not stuck in this gym
    Not being lonely
    You're the one person
    I want to see
    If it were up to me
    I'd promise you forever
    Is how long from now
    We'll be together...
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