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Thread: Time-Warp Heals All Wounds! (434)

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    This was a very well done episode. It brought back some nostalgia for me of the OS, just because of how emotional it was. Meowth and May's interaction was nicely done. Eevee was cute as well. Although, there's something wrong about changing the space-time continuum...even if for a good cause.

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    This is one of my favourite episodes.^-^

    I loved the whole time travel thing and even the story to it.

    I find it quite an emotion driven episode personally.=3

    I never get tired of it since i like the episode that much.^-^

    I love how Meowth walks off screen while being happy at the end, meanwhile jessie and James are standing there confused.

    I also liked at the beginning of the episode when james was spying on Max and brock and the only thing he could think about was the food.=P

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    This episode was very heart warming. This was the only episode that has made me tear up... Besides the ending of the first movie.

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    First off, at this point, Michele Knotz developed a very sexy, yet high-pitched, voice for May. Yeah, I said it, people.

    That being said, I really felt Veronica Taylor captured the character so much better, but this was one of those episodes where I feel Michele did shine as May and surprisingly did a good job compared to what I was expecting.

    This was another one of my favorite episodes in Season 9.

    Jimmy Zoppi's Meowth was terrible here in the second half, though. It's the kinda voice you get a migrane from listening to way too often. :/

    Still, the dub did a relatively good job, and I did enjoy myself.

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    This is probably my favorite episode in the series, and one of my favorites in the entire anime. It was a pretty emotional episode, and pretty awesome too as May and Meowth travel back in time and help keep Johnathan from leaving on the train. Also May's egg hatches into an Eevee. I give this episode an 11/10!
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    This is one of my favorite episodes of Battle frontier series, it was definitly a sad and heart-warming episode. I like episodes that are focused on time-traveling. Also, May got some character development in this episode.

    It's sad to hear about Edna's husband Jonathan, but I'm glad May and Mewoth went back to time and changed events of the past. Thanks to them, Now Edna has her husband as her companion.
    Nice to see May's egg finally hatching into an Eevee in the end.
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